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Last updated 10/12/2016



  1.   SEP 11 1:00PM BROWNS

  2.   SEP 19 8:30PM @ BEARS

  3.   SEP 25 4:25PM STEELERS

  4.    BYE

  5.   OCT 9 1:00PM @ LIONS

  6.   OCT 16 1:00PM @ REDSKINS

  7.   OCT 23 1:00PM VIKINGS

  8.   OCT 30 8:30PM @COWBOYS

  9.   NOV 6 1:00PM @GIANTS

  10.   NOV 13 1:00PM FALCONS

  11.   NOV 20 4:25PM @SEAHAWKS

  12.   NOV 28 8:30PM PACKERS

  13.   DEC 4 1:00PM @ BENGALS

  14.   DEC 11 1:00PM  REDSKINS

  15.   DEC 18 1:00PM @ RAVENS

  16.   DEC 22 8:25PM GIANTS

  17.   JAN 1 1:00PM COWBOYS


Charity, Community, Home

As our season moves forward, Smyrnadelphia has been doing good things thanks to all of you! Our Eagles family is proving that we can do more than get together to drink beer and watch football. So far we have raffled off a Webber Grill and had 2 50/50 raffles bringing in a grand total of $825.00. All of that money has gone to help kids at the Milford Youth Organization play football and cheer-lead. MYO sends their most sincere thanks and appreciation. Stay tuned, we have COOLER raffle prizes coming soon that will continue to benefit MYO.

Smyrnadelphia has also launched our “Smyrnadelphia SWAT Team” this past week. Our SWAT Team is a list of Smyrnadelphia volunteers that we can pull from to form smaller units of “good doer’s” were there is a need. Early last Saturday morning, a Smyrnadelphia SWAT Team unit of 6, went to our local American Legion Post 160 and served breakfast to 75 people. Our efforts helped the Smyrna Legion Post 160 raise $525.00 for their post! We are going to continue to help Post 160 with their breakfast every 2nd Saturday of the month. The goal is to grow this event to serve over 200 people. So spread the word, invite your friends, it is open to the public! If you would like to join our SWAT Team, please message myself or Kari. We will be happy to put you on our team. Next breakfast is November 12th.

Lastly, I want to tell you about a recent observation I had on how lucky we are to have the relationship that we do with Varners Tavern. After visiting other NFL fan clubs in the Atlanta area I noticed many of those clubs don’t have a steady place to call home. Some clubs bounce from bar to bar, year after year. Others don’t know where they will meet from week to week! Varners Tavern has been our home away from home for 9 seasons now! We are serious when we tell Eagles fans from the Tri-state area “Welcome Home!” Every week, Kari and I make sure that Varners feels like home to everyone. We do this by working closely with Varners, hand picking our servers, and making it so that you get the very best, game day experience, Smyrnadelphia and Varners can provide. With that said, this is our home and most of you take good care of it and our servers. Thank you! However, I do feel the need to remind everyone, PLEASE! TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME, make sure you have paid your tab before you leave and please tip the servers, even if the Eagles lose. Welcome home and Go Birds!


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